Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun And Easy - Free Pattern - Crocheted Face Scrubbies

These are a blast to make and a great way to use up those remnants of yarn left over from dishcloth projects.  They take no time at all and will save you money on store bought one time use cotton facial pads.  They will give you something to do while watching t.v. or while sitting in your doctors waiting room, at a bus stop, or just about anywhere.  I even worked on one while sitting at red lights in my car.  Probably not such a great idea, but as long as I was careful to go when the light turned green, no one blared their car horns at me and as far as I know there's not a law against crocheting while driving -- yet.

I use these scrubbies in place of the cotton facial pads you can buy at the grocery store for three or four dollars a pack.  They are a one time use pad and get expensive when you use alcohol and witch hazel on your face using the pads.  The scrubbies I make are used for scrubbing my face and neck with alcohol, washing my face with moisturizing cleanser, and for applying witch hazel (which acts like a toner) before applying wrinkle cream.  (I'm giving away all my secrets.  heh, heh. At age fifty my face needs a lot of help - especially since menopause "graced" me with acne which I've never had before, even when a teenager! ugh!)

Once you get the hang of working in rounds you can experiment with all sorts of special stitches and ideas of your own...
Here's the pattern for the scrubbie pictured in top photo, front row center (pink twist lily's sugar N cream with solid pink royal cotton border).

(Note:  I love to use Peaches N Creme Cotton yarn, I can get it at Walmart here in California for a buck forty-seven a ball.  I also use Lily's Sugar And Cream, Royal Cotton, and Lion Brand Cotton Ease.)
Using 100 % cotton crochet yarn (size 4) and a size G hook:

Chain 2, work 6 sc inside second chain from hook.  Join with slip stitch to first sc made.

Round 2: ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, join with sl st to first sc

Round 3:  ch 2, sc in first sc, (ch 1, sc in next sc) around:  12 sc, 12 ch 1 spaces.  Join with sl st into first ch 2 space made.

Round 4:  ch 1, draw up loop in first sc and in next ch 1 space, yo, draw through all three loops on hook, ch 1.  This is a version of the star stitch.  Work the star stitch around, ending with ch 1, sl st into first ch 1 space made in beginning.  (The stitch pattern shows up best when using a solid yarn.)  12 stars.

Round 5: (ch 2, skip 1 stitch, sc in next) repeat around, end with sc in same stitch ch 2 in beg of round.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

Attach contrast color with sc in any ch 2 space.

Round 6: sc in same ch 2 sp as joining sc,  (ch 1, fpdc (link will take you to YouTube tutorial video for Front Post Stitch) into longest post stitch of next stitch, ch 1, 2 sc in next ch 2 space, ch 1) repeat around, ending with sl st into first (joining) sc.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

That's it!  How fun was that?  There are many variations you can dream up using special stitches or just simple sc and dc.  As long as you increase each round as follows:
First round:  6 stitches
Second round:  12 stitches (sc) and 18 stitches for dc because the dc is taller and needs more stitches to keep your work from bending down.
Third round: Add one stitch for every two made.
Fourth Round: same as third
You can always add a round of trim by working (ch 1, sl st in next stitch), this makes a pretty, tiny, ruffled edge as shown here:

Variations are endless:

The photo directly above shows the same pattern with the ruffled edge I suggested at the end of the pattern.

This edging is simply ch 1, sc in next stitch all around.
It looks pretty using a contrast color or white for this edging (and for the others.)

Show me your scrubbies!  Email photos of your own scrubbie creations here and I'll post them with proper credits, of course!  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Going to start mine later today! Thanks!

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing your patterns and bonus is they are understandable!! . My Daughter loves these and is in Brazil for a year and a half so I am going to make some up for her next gift package.

Cynthia said...

This is a great idea for my community crafting parties, teaching crocheting to our school kids! Thanks.