Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Ideas: Beautiful, Inexpensive Additions To Your Tree Decorating

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I can't ever wait for Thanksgiving to be over with so I can start decorating for Christmas!  I have a half of a  box of decorations for Thanksgiving.  I have half a garage full of boxes of decorations for Christmas!  

Here's a beautiful, very inexpensive decoration for your tree that looks very elegant and as if you spent a lot of money to make your tree look so beautiful.  (Note:  I am a lame-ass photographer, using a very good camera but still my photos do not ever do justice to the subjects of my photos.)

At a local discount store I found artificial flowers that, when cut away from the main stem, became beautiful tree decorations.  I chose white flowers because I love the look of red and white decorations with the tree and wreaths being just about the only green in my decorating.  Here's the look I created with artificial flowers on my tree:
I left the stems long on the flowers when cutting them away from the main stem so I could use the flowers in an arrangement when Christmas is past.

Artificial Baby's Breath 
The tree looks much more beautiful in person than it does in my lousy photo here - and yes, the tree is leaning quite a bit, it's not your imagination.  We tried to straighten it but I was afraid the decorations would fall and break on my tile floor so we left it as is.  The tree is now known as the "Leaning Tower Of Christmas"
One year I used fresh baby's breath on my tree which really created a beautiful, delicate and feminine tree decoration.  Besides all that, the white, fresh baby's breath gave the appearance of "snow" on the tree which I loved.  Because of the cost of fresh baby's breath, each year since then I chose to purchase artificial baby's breath which I can use over and over and for other celebratory occasions as well.

Another idea for decorating with something that can be used over and over, all year 'round, are very inexpensive earrings I found at a 99 cent store (again, my lousy photography does not capture the true beauty of the tree and decorations, I'm so sorry!).  The earrings, most of which are made of glass beads, add beautiful sparkle and shine to the tree, especially when placed next to lights...  None of the earrings I purchased cost more than 99 cents so I got two pretty tree decorations for 50 cents a piece...

And another idea, using some old satin ornaments I had that were a little ratty looking and some scraps of lace, straight pins, and seed beads: