Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Embroidery - Beautiful Vintage Lettering Patterns No. 4; Free To Use

Finally, here's the last set of letters matching the others (posted two, four, and six days previous).  I am working on drawing up the letters "I" and "W" because the original patterns did not include those letters for some reason.  I will post those two letters as soon as my drawings match the original versions to my satisfaction and hopefully yours as well.

The remaining letters in the original set are...

Letters  T and U:

ornate vintage letters T, U

 Letters V and X:

ornate vintage letters V, X

Letters Y and Z
ornate vintage letters Y, Z

 Note: Please see post with "No. 2" in the title and scroll to the Note that explains how to get a clean copy (without the blog gobbly-goop) of the images to your hard drive to make a neat print, if you choose to print the patterns.  I've gone so far as to put a piece of tracing paper on my (not a touch screen!) laptop monitor and trace an embroidery pattern or picture I thought would be nice to embroider.  I don't suggest doing that unless you have a very light-handed touch with a pencil, a strong press on your screen with a pencil could damage it. 


Don't forget to look for the letters "I" and "W" coming within a few days, or maybe you're great with drawing (I'm sure far better than I!) and can draw your own letters I and W to match the rest of the set.  (Or, if you're lucky, you don't need those letters in the first place.  )  ;-D