Friday, July 30, 2010

Fat Bottom Bag Update: Found Link For Lining Your Bag

Here's just a quick update.  I promised to post a link to a great photo tutorial on how to line your Fat Bottom Bag.  Well, I finally found the blog I've been looking for and the page the tutorial is on, thank goodness!

So You Want To Line Your Fat Bottom Bag  by Kel

It's a great tutorial, she has found the best way to line the bag and make it look neat, not all bunched up or with extra material all over the place. 

The photos Kel has in the tutorial are excellent.  Anyone will be able to line their Fat Bottom  Bag now, thanks a bunch Kel!

Here is where you can find a short lining tutorial with photos of how the handles and magnetic snaps  were attached.  It's a must to attach the handles if you're not using the circular handles called for in the pattern.  Located near the middle and end of the Chunky Fat Bottom Bag post.

Thanks again Kel, for posting a wonderfully helpful tutorial on lining my favorite crocheted bag.

Links to the Fat Bottom Bags I've made and to Amazon where the book can be found with this pattern in it.  (Book by Debbie Stoller)

The Beginning of the Fat Bottom Bags For Me

FO First Fat Bottom Bag! 

Speaking of  Fat Bottom Bags...

Obsessed With Fat Bottom Bags

Big N Chunky Fat Bottom Bag

Banana Berry Fat Bottom Bag

Monet Fat Bottom Bag Modified For Mom's Walker

The best link here of all, how to order this book! 

Stitch N Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller w other designers.

Now get the book and start making your own Fat Bottom Bags!  They're easy and fun and allow you to get very creative in making each one with it's own unique personality.  
Thanks for stopping by again.  You can send me photos of your own Fat Bottom Bag or links to your page where you have photos of your bag here ... Okay never mind the stupid link thingy for email addresses is broke in my composer window.  I'll figure out the html to do it myself asap.  In the meantime you can leave links to your own Fat Bottom Bags in the comment section below. 

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