Monday, August 12, 2013

Japanese Crochet Motifs - Patterns thru page 13

I purchased the book these motifs are in at a yard sale, believe it or not.  At the same yard sale I also purchased a rather large stash of yarn, hooks, knitting needles, and partially worked projects which the woman threw in for free - which I'm sure I'll never be able to complete because there came no patterns with each unfinished project.  I would have to scour pages and pages of pattern books to figure out - if I were able to - which matched the project at hand.  After that it would be a matter of finishing someone else's project when I have so many of my own to finish!  Like I said, the probability of me finishing the WIP this woman gave me is highly unlikely and I don't know what to do with them.  I don't have the heart to just throw them away, we all know the time and work we put into crocheting something.  I can't bring myself to toss the efforts of another crocheter, we all, afterall, must stick together, right?

Here are a few motifs from one of the books I bought.  I'll post only a few each time as I don't want your computer to freeze from trying to load heavy graphics.  If you right click on the image you have the option in a menu to "open in a new window"  do that.  Or choose "view image" and then you'll have the image in it's full size (if your image viewer is set to view full size) so you can read the graphic chart for the pattern.

If you wish to download and print the image, the way I usually do it is to right click, choose view image (to make sure a site isn't going to throw in anything sneaky or that I won't be getting the entire page in my download, only the image) and then right click the standalone image and choose "save image as..."
It is helpful to make a new folder when you'll be downloading images that are of a particular category.  I have these images in a folder on my desktop so I can find them easily and I put all the Japanese crochet into that folder.  Some computers are set to save the image to the default "downloads" folder somewhere on the hard drive.  I've yet to figure out where this folder is on my computer and how to access it.  (I did find a "lost and found" folder but MY computer, my personal computer, tells me I don't have permission to access the contents of the "lost and found" folder.  This has my curiosity running wild!  I have to imagine what it is I lost and my computer found and put in this secret folder that I don't get to inspect.  It IS MY computer, after all.  For crying out loud.)

I surely hope I explained the process to view and access the images I'm going to post so that you find it an easy and swift process.  If you have questions - or if I confused you beyond repair - please post your questions in the comments below.  Something I admire and am grateful for on the internet is input from readers helping each other and it's not always up to the site owner to answer questions.  we all get busy and may not be able to answer questions immediately.  And in my case I'm still trying to figure out Blogger's system with the comments.  You may have noticed how badly I was spammed in the comments on most of my posts.  I think I resolved that problem but now I am not seeing the comments until days or weeks after they have been published on a post!  (Blogger sends me an email notification that a comment has been left on a post but I recently joined a couple online dating services that also send me notices... of absolutely everything anyone does regarding my profile!  My inbox was flooded with dating service emails and I wasn't seeing the email that was important.  I think I fixed this problem as well, hopefully anyway!)

Japanese Crochet Motifs  Page 1, 2, 3


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