Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Free Pattern: Lacy, Beaded Hoop Earrings

This is my first attempt working with crochet for jewelry.  I hope you like them, I can't wait to design more.

I purchased the hoops (a set of five or six pairs on a card) at a 99 cent store.  If they bother my ears (because I'm allergic to some metals) I can paint the posts with clear nail polish.

I know I need some practice at this and I need to figure out what blocking and fabric stiffener does but this was a fun project and like I said, I'm looking forward to practicing on making new ones.  I am still getting the hang of things so don't give up on me yet, okay?

Here's the pattern, if there are any discrepancies let me know in the comments below this post.

Beaded Hoop Dangly Earrings
copyright 2010

This pattern is free.  You may not sell this pattern but you can sell the item you crafted using this pattern.
Here is where you can go to download the PDF file (without tutorial at bottom of page)


small amount of bedspread-weight cotton crochet thread purple

12 small pearl beads that will string onto the crochet thread

two hoop earrings, 1 1/2" diameter; 

steel crochet hook size 7

Special stitches:

Triple Picot:  ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook three times, join altogether with sl st in beginning ch of first picot, pull tight to close together.

Beaded picot:  ch 1, slide 1 bead into work for next ch, ch 1, join with sl st in third ch from hook (incl beaded ch)

Beaded triple picot:  ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook, ch 1, add bead to next ch, ch 1, sl st to ch preceding beaded ch, ch 1; ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook, sl st in first chain of first picot



before beginning Row 1, thread all 12 beads onto the thread you have chosen to use (any color is fine, even two different colors)

Row 1:

Attach thread to one end of hoop  with a sl st and keeping the hoop inside your stitches,

sc 42 around  (if you need help with this, see photos at bottom of this post)

turn your work without a ch st.

Row 2

sk first sc, sl st in next 8

sc in next, hdc in next, dc in next

Make beaded picot
(ch 1, add bead into ch st, ch 1, sl st in third ch from hook - including beaded ch -  )

sk next st, hdc in next, sc in next, and then sl st in the following 3 sc of previous row.

sk sc, in next sc: hdc, then make a beaded picot, hdc in next sc,  sk next sc, sl st in next

ch 4,
add bead in 5th ch, (keep stitches tight),
ch 4 more,  sl st in st at base of ch 4 preceding the last beaded ch
(beaded loop made)

sl st in next sc, make beaded picot, hdc in next sc

sl st in following 3 sc of previous row

ch 1, make beaded picot, then hdc in next sc.

sk 1 sc. sl st in eight remaining sc

Fasten off row 2,  and then proceed as follows:

Row 3
attach with a sc the same color or contrast color if you prefer of your choice for final round at ch st base (on side closest to middle of hoop) of first (hdc, beaded picot, hdc) cluster  (Photo at bottom of this post points to the exact attachment point)

hdc in next sl st of previous row,

dc in next  sl st, ch 3,

triple picot

dc into back loop of beaded ch st of the beaded picot of previous row

ch 2,

 triple picot adding bead to middle ch of middle picot...

sk next beaded picot of previous row (middle one),

dc in a loop of the beaded ch st  of next beaded picot in previous row

triple picot,

ch 3

1 dc in first of the three sl st from previous row, (preceding the last beaded picot in row 2 )
hdc in next,
sc in last sl st that precedes the last beaded picot of row 2

Finish off, weave in ends

Block and use fabric stiffener if necessary, to keep the frilly parts in place,

Note:  I, of course, being the lazy butt that I am, did not block or starch my earrings.  heh, heh.

Here are some photos showing positions of hook while sc onto the hoop (Row 1)

Photos showing sc onto hoop (Row 1)

How the hook is placed in sc onto hoop, the beginning of the sc

Yarning over to complete the sc onto hoop

This is what it looks like after Row 2 and fasten off.

Hook and finger pointing to stitch where Row 3 is attached and begins with sc


Nancy said...

These are very pretty, thank you for sharing your pattern with us.


Anonymous said...

I kind of like them before the last row was added, they look neat and simple without the last row...

Anonymous said...

How pretty! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful I will make several, thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

Cynthia said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

These earring are absolutly gorgeous. Thanks you for sharing, can't wait for future designs!

Anonymous said...

I can do and understand everything EXCEPT about the beads. I do not understand where they go "on the thread" and how they are added to the item. I am an accomplished crocheter but do not understand this aspect. Your pictures did not show anything about the beads until after they were on the item. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The beads usually get added to the thread as the first step. You can find collapsing-eye needles in the jewelry making section of your craft store.

Sherry said...

These earrings are lovely, can hardly wait to make them! My favorite to use instead of beading needles are the DenTek floss threaders. They work great for threading beads. I bought a beaded scarf kit one time with the floss threader in it and it worked so well I had to go buy them.

Sherry said...

I still prefer a sugar and water stiffener. It doesn't yellow like the glue type stiffeners and can be washed later if needed. I have Christmas ornaments I've stiffened with sugar/water solution that have held up very well through the years.

Amanda said...

These earrings are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I always thought crochet jewelry would be too difficult to make but you make it sound so do-able! Thanks! :)

@Sherry: How do you make the sugar water solution for stiffening? I'd really like to try it!

Cynthia said...

@ Amanda, thank you for your very gracious comment! It's encouraging when I get to read comments like yours - otherwise how else would I know to post more patterns like this?
Secondly, I've been advised by many not to use a sugar based stiffener because it would attract bugs of many kinds. (yuck!) You can use fabric starch, a mixture of glue and water (50-50 or more) and I am pretty sure you can use a salt based stiffener. I'll find a link to a good stiffener options page asap! Good luck and let me know how your earrings turned out. =)

Cynthia said...

@ Anonymous, I'm sorry you didn't leave your name and contact info, and I'm sorry I didn't see your comment until tonight. The beads are strung onto the thread before work is begun. You slide the bead up into the indicated stitch, leaving the others alone until another one is called for. I often wondered how the heck people got a crochet hook to go through a bead to work it into their project and it dawned on me one day that the beads were added beforehand. If you have any questions you can comment here or email me at I hope this answered your questions about the beads.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pattern these earings have - I will try this and will also see if I can incorporate this pattern into a Necklace and wrist band as well -thank you so much will let you know once I have made them - how they turned out... not sure what is meant by select profile - so I am just going to choose Anonymous - but my name is Norma

Cynthia said...

Thank you Norma. Your comments are very kind, I hope you enjoy making these. "Select profile" is asking you to sign in under one of the sites in a drop down menu. It just identifies who you are and what your web site is (or blog) or email. It's not necessary but it does allow me to visit your site or respond to your email. It will also allow follow up comments to be emailed to you. Thanks for introducing yourself, nice to meet you Norma.

June Ledet said...

I Love those earrings.

Anonymous said...

I had to check out this pattern - it was mentioned in the pattern for Beaded Crown Earrings. Now I don't know which pattern I want to make for my bridesmaids! I can't decide, they're both so pretty! I'll have to think about which ones would go with the dresses better and which would look better in the colors we're using for the wedding party. So many decisions to make!!! Thank you again and again! This is a perfect gift to give my bridesmaids for a girl on a tight budget who loves to crochet, I know they'll really appreciate these (when I finally decide which ones to make! ha ha.)!!! Lori S. soon to be Z.

Anonymous said...

I would love to make these for myself - I'm being selfish here. I should make them for my friends but I think I would rather have them... They're so pretty, thank you for the pattern and the tutorial. The photos are a big help.
Carrie S Hollander